06 November 2006

Castle Wyvern

Castle Wyvern

Fantasy XII: Stonework Archaeologica

Brief: Portray a scene with an ancient weathered structure. Ideally it should be intriguing, ancient, isolated, quite large, from some undetermined culture, and made of some durable material (stone, old wood, crystal, masonry, bronze etc). The environment is up to you, but should mesh well with the structure, and any optional life forms present.

Work in Progress

Closeup of the Dragon


I'm actually quite happy with the way this one came out.

It was a very last minute decision to actually participate this month, giving me about a week to do it. As usual, it took a few days to find a useable concept, and in the end it was the wonderful perspective of the bridge that inspired me. (The fact that I recently found a few episodes of the old Gargoyles animated series on YouTube might also have had something to do with it. It was definitely the inspiration for the title)

Finding source pictures that fit into that perspective...well, let's just say I truly considered starting over quite a few times. Luckily, atmospheric colour saved me in quite a few places.

When the castle was finally done to my satisfaction, the image still needed something, a focus point of some sort. Thus happened the dragon.

It's strange, my very first dragon took about a week to finish, and I'm still not completely satisfied with her. I made this one in less than a day, but I think his overall look is much more consistent. His face could use a bit more work, but overall, I'm pretty proud of him.

Final Score: 8.315

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Blogger Violet said...

It looks great and reminds me of the LOTR movies and heavy metal record covers.

2:26 am, November 07, 2006  

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