28 July 2004


(It's working! It's working! It's working!)
In a little while I am going to the funeral of one of our family's oldest friends. He had cancer and on Sunday he finally died. He is the same age as my father. In a way it was probably better, because he was sick for such a long time. I've known him for as long as I can remember. He still called me Onatjie, even though we were the same length.
It is strange how something like this doesn't really sink in until much later, especially if you don't really see that person on a daily basis. In my mind he is still at home, walking barefoot and eating icecream. It feels like I could just drop in for a visit and he would still be there.
(The one thing that really struck me at the funeral was how such a large man could fit into such a small coffin.)

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