30 July 2004

Garlic Bread

It arrives at your table still piping hot from the oven. Fragrant steam envelop your head. A hint of garlic here, a touch of onion there, all mixed up in the mindnumbingly wonderful smell of freshly baked bread. Plate in front of you. Pour some olive oil on the smooth white surface, followed by swirling patterns of balsamic vinegar. Try not to burn your fingers as you tear off that first chunk. Sprinkle lightly with the parmesan cheese you charmed out of your waiter. You figured out long ago that the best way to proceed without any condiment or topping losses, is to fold it double at this point, locking all the goodness inside. Then comes the stir and dip, and immediately after you take your first bite. Heaven...
But too soon it turns into a last bite, mopping up the last of your vinegary concoction. The waiters come and clear away the vestiges of your feast. But a thought takes hold in your mind. Slowly you lift your hand and surreptitiously bekon the waiter nearer again.

"Could you bring me another one, please?"

I love Primi Piatti's bread.



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