23 July 2004


I am a morning person - a go to sleep at 3 in the morning person. NOT a get up a 5 to go to go to work in the morning person! I know it is the only way to miss the majority of traffic, and it does save me up to 90 mins of drive time, but that does not mean I have to like it! Getting to work before the sun is even up is also not the greatest feeling in the world. But summer is coming soon. I hope.

Somebody once told me that when you just start working, all you actually do is work, get home, eat and sleep. I waitressed while I was studying, but that really doesn't prepare you for a proper 9-5 (or rather 6:30-3:30) job. The money is much better though. I love getting an actual paycheck.

It doesn't really help that most of my friends are still studying, and thus have much more time to atually have a social life. Weekends have also taken on a totally different meaning. I never really appreciated them enough before. As for scool holidays, I wish they would go on longer - traffic was sooo much easier.

I miss reading. A book that would normally take a few days to read, now take a few weeks. It is ironic that the moment I actually earn enough money to buy all the books I want, I don't have enough time to read them anymore.

Other than that, working life is great - I enjoy my projects, the rest of the people are fun to work with and hey, I'm getting paid for doing something I like, so I can't really complain.


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