03 August 2004

Haunted Highway

By now I am used to driving on the highway so early in the morning that it is still dark. But this morning was different. The buildings that make up Midrand were barely visible in the early morning light, when suddenly everything disappeared into a grey curtain of mist. It felt like my car was the only one on the road, except for the dim red glow of backlights in the distance.

Now I understand where all those stories and myths about crosing over into other worlds originated, it really felt like I got a glimpse of another reality where anything might be possible.

Then just as suddenly the mist is gone.Coming out of it was like waking up from a special dream - they never do last long enough, do they?

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Blogger Pythonista said...

I'm driving on this highway everyday but after 8:00AM
Never saw a ghost there yet ;-)

10:19 PM, August 03, 2004  
Blogger Triboli the Mighty said...

I like looking at the puddles under streetlights when it rains.

11:49 PM, August 09, 2004  
Blogger Ben said...

I'm not allowed to drive on real roads, but I know a game that has fog like you describe that descends in the blink of an eye. Actually, at that speed it doesn't truly descend, it just kind of flicks on and off. I must admit, flicking is not as cool as descending but the fog itself looks good—you know, for a computer generated shadow of the real world.

Nothing beats real fog, especially on the small bridge near our house that has a real sleepy hollow feel to it when the weather is right :)

3:08 PM, September 21, 2004  

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