10 August 2004

Weekend blues (and mochas)

Trust me to choose the only long weekend for ages to get the lurgy. And of course now that I have to go back to work I feel sufficiently better to not really have a valid reason to stay at home.

We did make the most amazing flourless chocolate cake though. It is basically just lots of dark chocolate and groung almonds mixed with eggs, sugar and butter (with the obligatory coffee and brandy for taste), but oh, decadent doesn't even come close. The bigger nuts all sink to the bottom to form the chewy base. Next is the gooey, rich, moist chocolaty coffee centre that just melts away in your mouth. And to end it off is the light crusty top brushed with icing sugar, or if you want to be even more decadent, dribbled with melted chocolate. Food from the white house is without doubt my new favourite cookbook.

But I'm making myself hungry talking about this, and there is still one little piece left...

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