03 September 2004


I can't wait! In less than 4 days time I will be off to Capetown for a midweek break of 3 whole days. The past few weeks have been so hectic that I haven't even gotten around to doing any posts before now. But since the bonus I got for working all through the weekend is paying for this trip, I'm not complaining too much.

Still, I hate that feeling you get when you work really hard to finish a project with an extremely tight deadline, and you actually finish it with time to spare, when the client turns around and tells you that Mr. Whoever can't keep to the original schedule and the project will be extended indifinitely. But the client is always right, so what can a lowly designer do?
Anyway, enough ranting now.

I did get to see Phantom of the Opera in the State Theatre though. It was absolutely amazing! I never knew Andre Schwartz had such a powerful voice. As for the decor - it was some of the best scene changes I have ever seen. My favourite one was probably the whole transformation sequence where Christine sings 'Think of me'. Some of the visual imagery like the drapery falling down after the auction scene and of course the underground river left me sitting there with goosebumps crawling up my back.

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