15 October 2004

Before Sunset

This movie has no musical score. I watched an entire movie, without realizing there wasn't any emotionally manipulative music in the background. Don't get me wrong, I'm a complete sucker for movie soundtracks, but I was so enthralled by the characters that I had to read a review on IMDB before I noticed it.

I saw Before Sunrise for the first time 6 years ago, and like them, I can't remember every detail of what happened on that day. Like them, I'm older now, perhaps a bit more cynical. But I still remember the feeling it evoked in me...

In this movie there are no drama, no action, no special effects, not even much of a plot. Nothing superfluous. It is just one long conversation between two people who had made a connection 9 years before, and are still feeling the effects of that one night. These two people open up to each other unequivocally and talk about life, love, and desire. Their dialogue is intelligent and thought provoking. You feel like you're part a conversation, not listening to actors recite their lines on screen.

And there is no resolution at the end. At least nothing more specific than Nina Simone in the background.

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Blogger mades said...

I loved loved loved "Before Sunrise"... I haven't had time to watch "Before Sunset" yet.. but I've watched the trailer online. There's just something incredibly romantic about random meetings in a beautiful place like Vienna... and now their in Paris. can't wait.

4:41 PM, October 15, 2004  

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