21 October 2004

Festival of Senses

Dusk. A light breeze is finally cooling us down after another scorchingly hot day in Pretoria.
We are sitting outside Bishop's Bistro and the myriad of frogs in the pond next ot us are regaling us with their musical stylings.
The beads of perspiration on our drinks sparkle in the gentle light of the multicoloured lanterns.
And finally, the food arrives...
Lightly battered and fried Brie with a sour berry coulis, that literally melts away in one's mouth.
And then a tiny spring chicken, stuffed with mushroom risotto and covered with apricots, with grilled julienne veggies and panfried potatoes.

What more can a girl ask for?

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Blogger MuzeKez said...

Beautiful. I love the thought of a frog symphony as musical accompaniment over dinner. :-)

12:54 AM, October 26, 2004  
Blogger The Saturnyne said...

THat kinda reminds me of Paul McCartneys "Frog Chorus" which i, er, liked as a childs.

A small story of coincidences now follows:

Was browsing through my blog profile, an' thought to have a looksee in one of my fave authors, William Horwood, to see how many profile views my friend Janey had so far. Lo and behold, there was a 3rd person there!


So i thought i'd come and have a peek at yer webpage. Y'know, see if ye were interesting, and who should i see, but Muzekez, who i am acquainted with, and one or two others whose names i am also familiar with.

Ahh, it's a small world all right...

Nice site, btw.


4:29 AM, November 01, 2004  

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