12 November 2004

Fun in the Sun

I am going Jeffrey's Bay for a whole week and a half.
Just think, by tomorrow morning I will be walking on the beach and no worries about pixelation, filesize or consolidation will cross my mind for at least 9 days.
Can not wait!



Blogger Rethabile said...

Have fun. Come back and tell us what it is like.

8:55 PM, November 12, 2004  
Blogger The Saturnyne said...

Hope ya have a luvverly time.

PS: i think i deleted one of your comments along with one of my temporary picture posts last night, so apologies...

5:51 PM, November 25, 2004  
Blogger Hasta la hez said...

Claro, tú que tienes sol y buen tiempo alla abajo, pero aqui llueve y hace frio, así que: divertidos bajo la manta. ¿Hace, chati?

6:04 PM, November 25, 2004  

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