08 November 2004

The Village

I myself am highly allergic to spoilers. I thought this movie was brilliant and of course I want to rave about a few things, but since M Night Shyamalan's trademark usually is the twisty ending, I would not want to ruin for anybody that which I have so enjoyed. So go and treat yourself to a great cinematic experience before you read the following...

One of this movie's biggest flaws is probably the marketing. The trailers and posters create the expectation of a terror filled thrillride. Instead this is a movie about terror. And emotion. I am just really glad that I didn't go to see this movie with too many preconceived expectations.

The thing that struck me most about this movie was its use of colour. From the start the slightly washed out colours create the perfect atmosphere for this idyllic rural community. This image is strengthened by the costumes and Like one of those old sepia photographs, there is a warmth to the imagery. But everything is completely devoid of red.
Red is the Bad colour. It attracts them. So the brightness of the flashes of red does seem alien and out of place like they should.

A lot of people are complaining that they figured out what twist was coming early on.But there are more than one, and even though I did figure out some of the hints just before the actual revelation, it was still satisfying. And that is one of the things I like - the subtle hints all through the movie that makes a repeat viewing a must. Small things like Noah's ramblings and giggles (Adrian Brody really is an amazing actor), or the conversation about the supposed 'coyote' take on a much greater meaning when seen in the full context. One of the quotes that sums it up best appears in the very beginning of the movie.

Edward Walker : [part of a table grace] We are grateful for the time we have been given.

And I really enjoyed the director's reflective cameo at the end.

But my biggest shock came from the knife scene. Lucius is explaining his engagement to the 'innocent' Noah, talking about there being different kinds of love. Then the camera slowly pans down to reveal the knife in his gut...

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Blogger Casyn said...

Well said. I like it. I was really scared in the forrest chasing sequences. It was good. The end twist was good, but when revealed it did seem like the obvious twist. I'll add it along side my Sixth Sense dvd.

5:29 PM, November 11, 2004  

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