18 March 2005

O, die nostalgie!

So many people have found this site by googling old South African children's shows like 'Wielie Walie', 'Mina Moo', 'Mannemarak' and 'Oscar en Knersus', only to be disappointed by finding them barely mentioned once, and with no information pertaining to them.

So I decided to do some research myself, and this is what I found:

Oscar en Knersus

Themesong 'Asblikfontein' was performed The Springbok Nude Girls at the 5FM Easter Rock Festival 27 March 1999.
Knersus was voiced by Carel Trichardt.
"Ha ha ha
Ek's vuur ek's vlam
Niks wat my kan vang
Ha ha ha"
An 'Oscar en Knersus' video can be bought here.
You can also watch it at 17:30 on Thursdays on Nsat (The South African TV Station in the UK)

Wielie Walie

Die aap sit op sy balie.
Tjoef-tjaf daar val hy af.

The themesong, along with a lot of other early South African TV themesongs, can be found here.
The CD with all the songs can be bought here at kalahari.net.

About the author, Verna Vels. Incidentally, she was also the voice for Bennie Boekwurm in 'Wielie Walie', and did almost all the voices for the original radio production of 'Liewe Heksie'.

Haas Das se Nuuskas

Bit before my time, but I heard enough about them from my sisters.

Ons kyk na Haas Das se nuuskas - vroegaand net na 6
Ons kyk na Haas Das se nuuskas - dis die grootste pret
Ons kyk na Haas Das se nuuskas - groot en klein kyk saam
Al die nuus uit Diereland bring Haas Das vanaand

You can also hear the themesong here.

Most of the puppets used in these shows are now stored at the University of Pretoria
And a few other favourites:

Dashing and daring
Courageous and caring
Faithful and friendly
With stories to share
All through the forest
They sing out in chorus
Marching along
As their song fills the air

CHORUS: Gummi Bears
Bouncing here and there and everywhere
High adventure that's beyond compare
They are the Gummi Bears

Magic and mystery
Are part of their history
Along with the secret
Of gummiberry juice
Their legend is growing
They take pride in knowing
They'll fight for what's right
In whatever they do

CHORUS (Repeat first verse) CHORUS

Gummi Bears
When a friend's in danger they'll be there
Lives and legends that we all can share
They are the Gummi Bears
They are the Gummi Bears
They are the Gummi Bears!

Listen to it Here
Remember them?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey from a fellow P-town girl! Congratulations on your victory in the South African Blog Awards. It's so weird, because I was just reading the post with which you won (beautiful, by the way. Almost had me in tears! I couldn't comment there because Blogger is funky, for some reason), and then clicked on your current entry and there you had all my favourite shows from yore listed! About Haasdas, which I am, unfortunately, old enough to remember, I think Riaan Cruywagen did the voice of the rabbit. I don't remember who the mouse was. I just remember that the mouse presented the weather and gave Haas his notes to read. CUTE!
Also, regarding Wielie-Walie, if I'm not mistaken, Lochner de Kock did his voice. I LOVED that dragon. Bennie Boekwurm irritated me no end, especially since he always left his glasses on his head and then he could never find them. Ironically, that irritation with Bennie has since caught up with me, because at age *cough*30*cough* I ALWAYS do that with my sunglasses and then I too can never find them!

Anyway, love your blog! And congratulations again!

Red from www.redsaid.net

3:25 PM, March 18, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Red again... I meant to say that Lochner de Kock did Sarel Seemonster's voice. At least, I think so.


3:28 PM, March 18, 2005  
Blogger uwe said...

Ohh man! I used to watch the gummibears almost religously! I used to really dig that song! Thanks for the reminder!

11:30 AM, March 24, 2005  
Anonymous SomeNoOne said...

heya! I did a google search on my brand name and one of the results was your site. Thanks for adding me to your side bar! Kudos!

5:35 PM, March 31, 2005  
Blogger Metalear said...

Great post! This brings back memories! Thanks!

9:27 AM, May 27, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG.I actually googled wielie walie and came up on this site.Found more than I expected.I loved the Gummy Bears. Not to mentioned that I am feeling kinda old right now.Going on 30.Have a daughter of my own.The programmes nowadays "are filled with nonsense" as I always tell my younger siblings who cant miss an episode of "The Simpsons". I also felt like google-ing something from my past to remind me about my younger days in South Africa,as I am one of those who have "left" the country for a so-called "better" life. Thanks for the memories...

3:08 PM, June 29, 2007  
Blogger Eric said...

Who is the pretty lady who wrote the article? I want to get in touch with the creator of Bennie Boekwurm - Vera? Werna? Vels. Thanks . Eric Conradie

1:12 PM, June 10, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this site.It's nice taking a trip down memory lane.I wish some of these old programes could come out on dvd(..for my kids of course!lol)

4:37 AM, June 13, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi There

I am looking for the theme song of Wielie Walie, does anyone know where I can find it?


9:43 AM, October 27, 2009  
Blogger onanymous said...

You can download it here

10:31 AM, October 27, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, where can i find old shows of Wielie Walie around 1986/7.

12:20 PM, January 29, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good day, I would love to either order these DVD's for my kids, where can I do that ? Or download them ? Please help me ! inge.fick@quintiles.com

9:37 AM, October 11, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was also wondering where I could find these old programs. If somebody here can help me, email me at hes_ter2000@yahoo.com.

11:55 AM, May 18, 2011  

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