21 October 2005

Pastel Morning

There must have been a huge veldfire somewhere in our vicinity last night. The smoky, but not unpleasant, smell of burning grass was everywhere.

This morning, the smoke had settled down into a hazy blanket, covering the Moreletapark valley. As the sun rose* it became more and more rosy in hue until it became a giant piece of surreal candyfloss**. On the other side of the road, the hill that houses a big part of Constantiapark was slowly turning into a powder blue fortress.
It truly felt like I was stuck in a Pierneef painting.

* I think it is wonderful that I can finally drive to work in the morning and see where I'm going again. It just makes the day feel so much shorter, and it even gives the illusion that I'm actually getting more sleep.

** I love candyfloss. My biggest achievement this weekend was in discovering that Safari Garden Centre actually sells freshly made candyfloss over the weekends. There is nothing like it. The smell. The delicious stickyness. Yum.
Those stale balls of flavoured fluff in little plastic bags just can't compare. And there is always the uncomfortable question as to who actually blew up those bags.

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