02 March 2006

Lost 2/02 - "Adrift"

The fate of the raft survivors was one of the biggest cliffhangers last season, and the scenes between Michael and Sawyer is the highlight of the episode.

Michael is a bit of a weak character. He is mostly defined by his relationship to Walt, and now that Walt is missing, he is at a loss about what to do. His flashbacks fills in a few gaps, but they don't really bring any new information. The only intriguing part is that the polar bear once again appears in connection to Walt (his soft toy) .

Sawyer never ceases to surprise. Initially he was one of the most unlikeable characters there, but as the first season progressed, he turned into one of the most intriguing (Second only to Locke, who became incredibly creepy closert to the end) Here, he rescues Michael and give him mouth to mouth. He is the one that realises 'the others' were after Walt all along. He is also the only one worrying over Jin's whereabouts. Not really consistent with the uncaring-bad-guy image he likes to project.

For that matter, what did happen to Jin? At the end of last season, it appeared like he was diving after the injured Sawyer, but here he just disappeared. How did he arrive on the island so much sooner than the other 2? Why was he tied up, and who is the creepy looking people in the background?

I wasn't too fond of the rehashing of last week's scenes. We did get new info, but the pacing of the episode suffered a bit. I don't mind the change in perspective, but I don't think they really needed to reshow so much of the previous scenes. It just didn't feel neccesary.

A lot of Desmond’s comments were very interesting in light of Rousseau’s comments during the first season. He was rather shocked to discover that the rest of the world was still around, which again suggests that the injection in the previous episode was all about protecting himself from whatever infected the research ship's crew. It also makes sense that the “security system” was put in place to stop anyone from getting into the hatch and exposing those inside.

Desmond is actually a lot like fellow island exile Rousseau. He has been on this island for a long time (the numerous marks on the wall attest to that), and having to enter this code every 108 minutes has obviously affected his sleep patterns, which would totally warp his mindset. Add the isolation from being down in the hatch to that and we can see how Desmond changed from the way he was in Jack’s flashback. It makes you wonder what Rousseau was like before her crew was shipwrecked.

Jetsam & Flotsam:
  • Sawyer: "What you gonna do? Splash me?"

  • Loved Kate's expression when she tasted the chocolate.

  • Sawyer referred to the island as home.

  • The Numbers are a deactivation code, which resets the timer to 108, the sum of the Numbers.

  • The logo that appears on all the food and Desmond's uniform also shows up on the fin of the shark. Another 'security system'?

  • Apparently this ep was originally supposed to have Sawyer-based flashbacks.

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