18 April 2006

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams, Pretoria, 2003

It was so incredibly worth it!

Say what you like about him, but Robbie Williams is a master entertainer. From trying to break a few interesting 'World Records' to regaling the audience with his version of Blue Steel, the Horny Giraffe, he had the crowd of 61 000 at his finger tips, and he played them to perfection. (I just have to wonder how many people actually got the Zoolander reference.)

With a mix of old classics like Let Me Entertain You, Rock DJ and Angels and newer hits like Advertising Space and Come Undone, he could just do no wrong.

I was also really impressed with the sound of opening act Freshly Ground.

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Blogger saaleha said...

definitely worth it.
i was wowed by the man.

9:26 AM, April 20, 2006  
Anonymous jeanettix said...

Marry me Robbie!!!!! - a a amazing!

10:41 PM, September 12, 2006  

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