04 October 2006

The Great Coarse Acting Show

The Great Coarse Acting Show

The coarse actor : One who can perhaps remember his lines, but certainly not the order in which they come…he has a desperate desire to impress, is most anxious to succeed, but is hampered by one minor detail – the inability to act.

The Great Coarse Acting Show is a look into the brave world of badly done, amateur dramatics. It comprises of several one act plays including such fantastic modern classics like Murder on the Trans-Siberian Express, A Tale of Two Cities, Aladdin and Phantom Cat Opera Star.

The plays attempt to emulate facets of a fine dramatic performance, and come sadly short once everything has marred them beyond hope of redemption – from the failure of props to falling scenery, from over-acting to under-acting.
Simply put, if anything can go wrong, it does!

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