03 December 2004

The Image In Question

For no logical reason whatsoever, the moment I uploaded this image, it caused my entire template to disappear, leaving me with exactly one blank screen for a blog.



Blogger Casyn said...

Ooo, pretty! I like the new look. :-)

4:49 PM, December 05, 2004  
Blogger onanymous said...

Of course it is only because of a serious template malfunction that I actually got around to fixing up my blog. But I think it is feeling much better now, thank you very much.

7:07 AM, December 06, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've inspired me to look at mine over the summer.

And look! There I am! Over there ->


4:40 PM, December 07, 2004  
Blogger Casyn said...

That was me btw. :-)

4:41 PM, December 07, 2004  

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